·       Design of a set of e-learning courses, on behalf of Kompetis, for Group EFE [from 2008], for Group SFR [2005 - 2008], for Group Thales [2006] and for Crédit Agricole [2007]

·       Design of a set of e-learning course for trainers and staff to adapt their competences to Open and Distance Learning, on behalf of Kompetis, Group XL, within the framework of the RRFC (Regional Network for Continuous Training), Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes [2002-2005]

·       Design of an e-learning course on ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) for HP-Europe, on behalf of Kompetis, Group XL [2002-2003]

·       Adaptation to e-learning of the Certificate in Biotechnologies and biomédical engineering from the Faculty of Pharmacy (University Montpellier 1): website, multimedia online courses, videos for broadcast on channel France 5). [1999-2004].

·       Adaptation to e-learning of a CD-ROM "Gestures and good postures" by Impact Informatique (Strasbourg) on prevention of industrial injuries. [2001-2002]

·       Educational design of CD ROM "Cyber ISO" produced by the XL Group and the University of Nancy [Videoscope] for training in the new ISO Standard ISO 9001 Version 2000 aimed at private sector quality control managers. [Spring 2001]

·       Brochure and Internet site author on the 'University collaboration in Europe on information and communication technologies' for the ITEM-Sup Federation with the sponsorship of the National Ministry of Education, Research and Technology [1999]

·       Technical design for a CD ROM 'Solimage' [database of soil images] produced by AUPELF [Agency of French speaking universities] for the CREARC Agopolis [Montpellier] [1998]

·       Educational designer for a CD ROM 'Training for Head teachers' produced by the University of Paris and the ACCT [Cultural and Technical Co-operation Agency] for the RESAFAD [Distance Learning African Network] comprising a digital version of my distance learning training of Trainers course.

·       Educational designer for a CD ROM 'Matteo Ricci' introduction to learning Chinese, awarded the European Union Moebius Prize for best multimedia training resource. 1995

Moebius Award 1995